October @ the Highview Lodge

Once the Summer has met the cold north winds and the days have shorten, the Door County trees produce an orchestra of colors that rivals any deciduous landscape you can find.   With a mixed or early successional tree species like poplar and birch combined with fruit trees, Maples and Oaks, the Island trees explode with yellow, orange and red.


“Leaf Peepers” can enjoy the fall colors beginning as early as the last week of September.  Peak color are typically mid-October.   By late October, color will stay until the next major wind brings the leaves down.



This time of the year, you will find all of the Island businesses running.  Typically, Columbus Day marks the last of the tourist season.  At the Highview Lodge, we stay open until the week after Columbus Day closing our season around the 15th of October.   If you are fisherman interested in targeted smallmouth, this is a great time of the year.  For the artist and photographer, bring your easel and camera for some amazing views to capture.  The Lodge offers an amazing place to watch the bustle of wildlife preparing for winter with great views into the woods and surrounding meadows where deer, turkey, pheasant and other wildlife graze.

Take a rest and watch the leaves change

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