Our Story

Take a rest and watch the leaves change

Take a rest and watch the leaves change

My family came to the Island in the early 1980s. Our neighbors, in Skokie, IL, were born, raised, and lived on the Island for most of their lives. With our heads filled with Island “lore” before even stepping foot on land, we arrived racing to explore beaches, ship wrecks, old barns, fields, mysterious woods and fishing opportunities. What we found was nothing short of magical.


Years later, my parents acquired the cabin at Cathedral Pines. For my mother, the Island was a great summer home to raise their 6 children. For my father, the property was a future Christmas tree farm. For the kids, it was an extended vacation with swimming, social events, an opportunity to catch “the big one”, endless bike rides and trying to figure out how we were going to pay for an Alby milkshake, the Island Drive-in. Nonetheless, the Island became something for everyone.

As we grew up and other demands were placed on our lives, the Island stopped serving as a summer retreat. College, jobs, new and new interests played a greater role in our lives. However, we’d continue to come fish, hunt, and vacation each year. The opened opportunities for friends and family to use the property when we weren’t.

Over time, my siblings and I all started our own families. And as our kids grew, we introduced them to the Island all the same. With 6 grand children and growing, we needed more space for all of us to enjoy the place we loved. So, in 2011, I acquired the Highview Lodge with this purpose.

Today, when we aren’t vacationing, we offer both properties as seasonal rentals for others to enjoy. Most of our guests are repeat renters and use our properties as their summer retreat, a week or more at a time. We do have a growing number of sportsman interested in the hunting and fishing opportunities in the late spring and fall. Come poke around the website and learn more about what the Island has to offer.

Your Host, Matt Reese