Check out School House Beach

Schoolhouse Beach is perhaps one of the most unique places to swim on the planet.  The beach is comprised of smooth polished limestone rocks.   As shards of limestone fall into the lake each year, they are washed ashore.  And when the North winds start blowing each fall and winter, the waves wash these rocks ashore refining every edge into a smooth surface.  These rocks make perfect skipping stoned.   Everyday in the summer, you’ll find kids of all ages competing to see who can “out-skip” the other.

The beach is named after the old Schoolhouse on Jackson Harbor Road at the top of the hill.   It’s typified by cold, clear and deep water.  Each summer the town puts a raft out from which kids and parents swim to and dive off.  You can often see families of children pulling rocks up from the lake floor and loading up one side in an effort to “tip” the raft.  Occasionally, you’ll find a game of king of the raft where boys and girls try to hold their ground or get tossed.

Schoolhouse is situated on the south part of Washington Harbor.  Washington Harbor is a deep harbor 60′ – 80′ feet in some areas.  The harbor has been used by schooners, fishing boats and ore boats looking for safe harbor in a storm.   Because of its depth, it’s was a natural choice vessel during bad weather.

On the far east side of the harbor, there is a shipwreck, the Louisiana.   The details of the Louisiana are documented on the beach.  It’s unsafe to swim alone to the wreck from the beach.  However, a canoe, kayak or a row boat make perfect transport.  The shipwreck is shallow, in 15 of water, and makes for great snorkeling.   You will find the shipwreck home for bass, rock bass, sunfish, crayfish, occasionally trout and many zebra mussels.

Washington Harbor is a short run from Jackson Harbor roughly 4 miles east.  Schoolhouse is a boater friendly beach.  However, boaters are not allowed park or traverse the swimming area.   Boaters, PWC and other water craft have a designated area West of the buoys.

The beach has a variety of picnic benches, bonfire rings, BBQs, public washrooms and changing facilities.  Be sure you plan an evening picnic BBQ with your family and a bonfire.

Lastly, please be respectful to the property owners to the East  and West of the beach.

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