Your Host

Born and raised in Skokie, IL, my family has been visiting and vacationing on the Island since the early 80s. I’ve had the fortune to meet many wonderful people, make great friends, and enjoy fantastic outdoor sporting opportunities on the Island. Beyond my sportsman interest, I have a background in Fine Arts having studied at the Illinois Wesleyan University. However, as a career, I took to high-tech and the endless opportunities and possibilities that have emerged from Silicon Valley in California.

The Island is very special to me.  During the spring, fall and summer, I make a trip to the property every month.  The Highview Lodge serves as a retreat for myself, friends and family. And we welcome you to discover this special piece earth as your retreat as well.  You may just learn what living north of the tension line is all about.


Contact Information. 
Matt Reese
Lodge phone:  920.473.4730