The Landscape

The main building sits to the left in this image. You’ll notice the property is set on a rolling landscape that falls from the road to fields behind the Lodge. Surrounded by Woods to the South, yard to the North and fields to the East, the West is a mixture of woods and meadows where you can sit wildlife daily.

The area in front of the Lodge serves as a cooking and picnic area. We provide a Weber charcoal grill and variety of BBQ utensils.

This is a bluebird day in the spring. The sky gets an amazing tone of blue from the surrounding water. You’ll notice that there’s plenty of parking for vehicles and boats.

This fall image captures the Lodge from the meadow to the West. With the leaves gone, you can see how the Lodge is built into the side of ridge, highly elevated.

On the front porch, you’ll find these french blue teak chairs. Feel free to move these around the property to get your favorite view. The porch is a great place for everything you don’t need in the Lodge: coolers, wet towels from the beach, beach gear, bikes, you name it.

This is an awesome image just out the kitchen window to the south of the Lodge. There’s a mixture of beech, birch, pine, maple, iron wood, aspen and oak in this park like forest. We call these forests the “bright woods” for obvious reasons. Birch is one of the early successional trees that take over after clear cuts.

Behind these pair of maples is a chair swing. This is a great place to unwind with a drink after a long day at school while dinner is on the grill.

This is view to the West during the day off the back deck. The trees serve as a screen for wind in colder season. In the summer, they offer some cover for the wildlife. Nightly, you will see deer move from the woods into the meadow to feed.

This is an amazing picture capturing the fall colors on the property on a beautiful, sunny Island day. Welcome to 54246!

Here’s a look out the kitchen window to the East. You’ll note the chair swing and the bird feeder.

This is a classic Highview Lodge sunset. Each night from the back deck, you’ll discover some amazing colors as the sun sets. This one of the more spectacular features of the property.