Your Stay


We coordinate check-in with our property manager at a designated time on the day of your arrival. When possible, we provide a property walk-through. If anything should not meet your satisfaction, please contact us a immediately. Upon check-out, please leave keys on kitchen counter.


You will find the house orderly, bathrooms cleaned, all dishes put away, an organized pantry and an empty refrigerator. Beds will have comforters, pillows and blankets. You are required to bring your own bed linens. In addition, we recommend bringing bath, beach and hand towels and any other toiletries. At check-out, please remove all groceries, dried goods and food items from the refrigerator. Please strip all bed linens leaving blankets and comforters on the floor.

House Rules

This is a non-smoking facility. Please refrain from smoking indoors. Use of the wood burning stove is off limits.  Electric heat may be used via the thermostats on the main floor, basement and on individual floor heaters.  We understand that accidents do happen. In the event of an incident, please let us know immediately of damage to any items. Kitchen supplies such as pots, pans and utensil are not to be used for campfires or brought to the beach. Garages, out buildings, barns, sheds are not included with your rental. Please respect the other facilities on the property. Many of our neighbors have livestock. Please do not feed the animals or trespass.

Septic Considerations

The Lodge operates off of a septic system. Therefore, we need to be mindful of materials that we put into our system. We provide a septic friendly toilet paper for use. Beyond that, no other products including cleenex, feminine products, paper towels, food of any kind are to be disposed in the toilet. Thank you.

What to bring

Bed linens, Bathroom linens, Beach towels, Paper towels, Toiletries, Sunscreen, Electronics chargers, Vacation attitude, Cooler, Beach chairs, and gear Water ready sandals or aqua shoes

Groceries and Liquor.  The Island has a full service grocery with an exceptional butcher, Mann’s Store,  and a full service liquor store with an above average selection of beer and wine, Brother’s Too.  Prices are reasonable.